At St. Luke's we strive to provide our children with our engaging Science curriculum and encourage our children to work scientifically. Through science pupils will continue to deepen their respect, care and appreciation for the natural world and all its phenomena.


 Our aims:

  • to develop pupils’ enjoyment and interest in science and an appreciation of its contribution to all aspects of everyday life
  • to build on pupils’ curiosity and sense of awe of the natural world
  • to use a planned range of investigations and practical activities to give pupils a greater understanding of the concepts and knowledge of science
  • to introduce pupils to the language and vocabulary of science
  • to develop pupils’ basic practical skills and their ability to make accurate and appropriate measurements
  • to develop pupils’ use of computing in their science studies.
  • to promote a ‘healthy lifestyle’ in our pupils.  



Dr Trevor Davies from INEOS


Massive thankyou to Dr Davies for this amazing science day.  Each class has a hands on workshop with practical investigations and experiments.

Year 6 did an investigation involving pendulums and measuring their swing

Years 5 and 4 looked at measuring the speed of sound using milk bottles and also looked at waves using a simulation took in the computers

Years 3 and 2 looked at chemical engineering through separating a mixture of salt sand and iron filings

Year 1 and Reception looked at tornadoes in a bottle and making crystals



Who needs Dr Brian Cox when we have Dr Davies!

Science Week 



As a whole school we have taken part in National Science Week.  Each class has taken their own investigation and with lots of fun and enjoyment they have developed their scientific understanding.

The theme this year was Journeys

In our assembly we focused on journeys that the children could have made.

We looked at some famous journeys including Amy Johnson’s first flight from Britain to Australia and Charles Darwin’s journey on the HMS Beagle.

This included the water cycle, journeys of some animals such as butterflies and included life cycles.

We also looked at lifecycles of materials such as plastics and how these are made.

We looked at some teenagers and the science discoveries they have made.  This was used to inspire us and to show that Science happens all around us.

Our Change 4 Life Champions (Thomas and Olivia) also delivered a presentation to the children about healthy lifestyle choices and making sugar swaps.

Throughout Science week, each class took a theme, carried out at least two investigations and presented back their findings to the whole school.

We also had a homework competition across KS1 and KS2 with the best entries being displayed and awarded prizes. The display looks amazing!



Thank you to Nuclear Naz and Turbo Tom for our Science Assembly.  As a result we hve created a Science Club for the whole school, we have lots of interest in this with pupils from Recpetion to Year 5 attending.

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