At St Luke's we encourage children to take part in a wide variety of sporting activities so that they have the confidence to grow as individuals and learn about the positive aspects that team sports can bring.

Please view our Sports Blog here or click on the images below to see more of our recent events.

We have been awarded SCHOOL GAMES GOLD AWARD for sport.  Congratualtions everyone who has made this possible through their hard work and enjoyment of the sporting opporuniteis that we provide.


(Virtual) Sports Day

We know that both children and teachers really look forward to this day so we have adapted our events so you can participate from home. Please see the fact sheet for more information.  You will have 5 attempts for each event (except the obstacle course) and ask an adult to help with keeping score.  GOOD LUCK!  Don't forget to check out our video made by year 1 showing you how to do each event.

Mini Kickers Year 1

Well done to all of our year 1 class who took part in this football event.

They became the ‘Pink Panthers’ the ‘Blue Birds’ and the ‘White Lions’.

Special mentions to our 3 managers who helped organise the teams.

Everyone had lots of fun and shook hands at the end.


Dodgeball Festival

Thank you to Mandy our SSCO for organising this amazing event, our team had a really good time and returned to school exhausted!

Special mentions to our Dodgeball leaders for all of their help in promoting this across the school.

Cheshire Phoenix

Thank you to Mike Burton and professional player ‘Dizzy’ who came to meet our ks2 pupils and invite them to a match day clinic.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the players, receive coaching and watch a professional match.

Thank you also to Ian Morton from Cheshire Phoenix who as part of Hoops for Health has been to school delivering coaching sessions.  

Basketball Tournament

Well done to our basketball squad from Year 5 and 6 who finished 4th in the competition.  We are all really proud of you.  We missed out on 3rd place by 1 point!

Mrs Harrogate said that it was great to score points and everyone cheered and encouraged both teams on court.  Special mentions to those adults who offered their support for this event.

Our next basketball opportunity will be a tournament to potentially play at half time during a Cheshire Phoenix match.

Football Finals

Congratulations to our year 3 and 4 footballers who represented the school in this finals event.  This was in Ellesmere Port on a freezing cold evening.  Thank you to the paretns who could offer transport and attend.  We made it to the final but lost 1-0.  The team did amazingly well and we are all very proud of them.

KS1 Multiskills

We took all of KS1 to this event and it was a huge success.  Everyone took part in mutliskills events and tried new things.  Special mentions to the parents and grandparents who offered support, we could not have done this without you.

Football at Frodsham Leisure Centre

Thank you to Frodsham FC and our SSCO for organising this event.  Our year 3 and 4 team won the entire competition and go through to play in the finals at Ellesmere Port Sports Village.  What an opportunity to show teamwork and an enjoyment of sport.  Thank you to those parents who offered their support.  This event would not have been a success without you!

Congratulations to our year 5 and 6 team who missed narrowly missed out on the finals and finished a respectable 4th place out of 16 teams.  Mrs Harrogate said that everyone was a credit to our school.  Special mentions to each player taking a turn to go in goal so everyone go to get some outfield experience. 

Tag rugby at Helsby rugby Club Year 5 and 6

Well done to our tag rugby squad who took part with short notice in this event.  The children arrived in style with an executive minibus to the event and represented our school well.  Mrs Harrogate commented that the teamwork and encouragement was fantastic to see.  

Tag Rugby at Helsby – Skills and Drills Year 3 and 4

Thank you to the young leaders from Helsby High School who led these sessions.  Our pupils has  great time and learn lots of new skills.  Congratulations on those children who had a go at rugby for the first time.  Following this the coach from Helsby RUFC invited the children to join their club at weekends.

Dodgeball Leaders Training

Congratulations to 3 of our year 5 pupils who came back enthused with excitement following this training.  These young leaders will be building on the skills taught and working with others to promote the enjoyment of sport.  

PDS Street dance

Thank you to Mrs Williams from PDS who came in to deliver the taster session to classes from year 1 to year 6.  This was a great opportunity for the children to try something different and have a go at dance.  Following on from our first ever breakfast ‘Wake and Shake’ dance club we are looking at other dance opportunities.

Daily Mile Astroturf Track

Following investment over the summer our pupils came back to this surprise!

KS1 really enjoyed running on this newly laid surface.

Mini Athletics

What an event! We took all of Key Stage 1 and Reception class to Helsby High School.  We arrived on a double decker bus with 60 children who couldn’t wait to take part.  We did lots of athletics events and competed in teams.  Everyone had a good time. Our sports coordinator said that over 400 children took part.  Fortunately, it only rained on the way home!  Thank you to the parents that helped on this event.

District Sports

What amazing weather we had at this annual event.  It was great or our children to take part against 13 other schools.  We had individual and team events for KS2 pupils and the standards were very high.  It was great to see so many keen athletes from class 3, this being their first time at the event.  Thank you to the patents and all of the staff that came and made the biggest cheer for our school!

Fantastic event, fantastic atmosphere and fantastic team spirit shown.

Tri Golf

Congratulations to our golfers finishing 4th in this tournament.  This is without any golfing experience.  We are all very proud of you.  Special mentions to the parents who supported this event.  The children were made to feel very welcome by Helsby Golf Club – possible new members in the future!  

Intra Football

Great teamwork shown in this mixed football competition.  Each house team was represented and played each other in a round robin tournament.  Lots of goals, saves and tackles taking place.

Girls Cricket

Congratulations to our girl’s team who finished in bronze medal position in the tournament.  We tied on points with 2nd place but they had 4 more wickets.  What an amazing performance with lots of our girls having never played cricket before.  The rain did delay play but this did not dampen their spirits.  Mrs Cross said that it was great to see our girls shaking hands at the end.  They must be inspired by the Cricket World Cup.  A really enjoyable event.

Sports Day

The weather held out!

Thank you to all the parents and athletes who made this such a special event.  It was great to see children from EYFS all the way up to year 6 taking part.  Special mentions to those children that helped with the scoring, marshalling and organisation of events.  Everyone represented their house TEAMS.  We took so many photographs – these will be projected at various places around the school so that everyone can see them (Also check out our sports blog)


Intra House Team Athletics

Well done those who took part in our intra house team athletics. 

All of our house teams Matthew, Mark Luke and John were represented.  Great efforts in preparation for sports day.  It was good to see everyone encouraging their teammates.


Great effort by both of our teams. The A team finished in 4th place with the B team finishing in 6th.  Fanntastic to see great teamwork. 


Diamond Cricket at Frodsham Cricket Club

Amazing effort by our year 3 and 4 diamond cricket team.  Everyone enjoyed themselves despite the weather!  Each person has a go at batting, fielding, throwing and catching.  We played 6 games in total.  We even squeezed in a friendly game after the competition.  Everyone who took part has been invited to join Frodsham Cricket Club All Star programme.

Basketball Awards  

Congratulations Anna who was awarded player of the year by the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball team.

Anna became interested in basketball through the Hoops 4 Health programme at school and is now a season ticket holder, she goes to all of the pro games.  She has represented the school basketball team, playing in front of a capacity crowd at the Ellesmere Port Arena and is part of the Cheshire Phoenix Thunder development team.


Volleyball Development Tournament 

Massive congratulations to our 2 volleyball teams.  St Luke’s A and St Luke’s B.  Special mentions go to our A team who finished in 3rd place out of 16 teams.  Team B also did amazingly well especially those who tried volleyball for the first time.  Mrs Harrogate commented that is was clear to see the development from all players in both teams.  Great enthusiasm shown with opportunities for those who took part to join the local volleyball squad.  

Street Dance taster session

Thank you to Rachel and Helen from PDS who came in to deliver the taster session to classes from year 1 to year 6.  This was a great opportunity for the children to try something different and have a go at dance.  As a result we now run our first ever breakfast ‘Wake and Shake’ dance club because of the popularity of these sessions.

Frodsham Volleyball Club Taster Session

Well done all those who took part in this session it was very productive.  The children got to learn about Volleyball whilst having a go and starting some matches. The session focused on control and skill development with those invited to join the local volleyball club at the Leisure Centre.  This was great practice because we will be having our volleyball tournament very soon.

Delamere Cross Country 

Thank you to our AMAZING Cross Country Running Team.   Everyone who took part represented the school well.  We took over 60 runners to this event from all of KS2.  Massive congratulations to our parents who supported this event in numbers.

Extra mentions to those children who looked after some of the nervous year 3 runners and the parents who marshalled the event around the track. 


Cheshire Phoenix Assembly

Thank you to Sarah from Cheshire Phoenix, a professional basketball club came in to school to tell us about basketball.  We now have a fantastic opportunity to go to a match day clinic, receive some coaching and experience the atmosphere at a live game.  The children got to meet CJ Gettys, one of the star players from the team. He is 7ft tall! The children asked lots o questions and are excited for the upcoming game.

Change for Life assembly led by our C4L Champions

Thank you to Thomas and Olivia, our change or life Champions for preparing this wonderful assembly for the whole school. Lots of hard work had gone into this presentation. It was very exciting to see what challenges and competitions they had planned.  We talked about staying active and making sugar swaps for healthier choices. Special mentions to Thomas who presented this on his own for the first time.  He was very confident and answered questions well.

 We are looking forward to Active April and Juicy June!



Football V Kingsley Community Primary

After an end to end game St Luke's scored in the final 5 mins to win the game 1 - 0.  Both goalkeepers made fantstic saves.  Special metions to the parents who came to support the team in our first ever Friday afterschool fixture. 

Mini Kickers Year 1


What a great day for sport.  The sun was out and there was not a cloud in the sky!  Our whole Year 1 class took part in this event and became St Luke’s A (Reds) and St Luke’s B (Blues).  Lots of team work and resilience was shown through squad rotation of the goalkeeper and the substitutes.  Everyone improved.  Everton came to watch and Frodsham JFC invited our players to football sessions.  It was great to see some of our past pupils helping out as Helsby leaders and refereeing the matches.

Football V Hornsmill

This rearranged fixture was played in freezing cold conditions.  The game finished 0 0 but it was end to end football with both sides peppering the goal. We cleared one off the line and we also hit the post! Yes the goals were small but this was the same for both teams.  Special mentions to the parents who came to support, those who made their debuts and those who helped clear the cones after the final whistle.

PDS Dance Festival

Congratulations to all of our performers! We had pupils from reception to year 6 take part in this group competition.  All the practice that went on in our Dance breakfast club paid off as they did an amazing performance.

What an achievement to perform on a stage with professional sound, lighting and choreography.  Many thanks to the parents who cheered so hard in the audience.

It was a great evening everyone did their best.  Special mentions to those who also took part in the girls football on the same day.

Girls football Year 3 and 4

Congratulations to our lower KS2 girl footballers who came 3rd in the football tournament.  The girls travelled to the event on an executive coach to the competition like professionals.  Many of the team had never played competitively before so this was a great experience.  Mrs Harrogate mentioned that all the girls shook hands and made friends with the other teams, it was a real party atmosphere.  What a great opportunity to play football, great to finish in bronze medal position.  The girls have been invited to try out for the Frodsham girls football team.  We are all very proud of you.




Girls football Year 5 and 6

Another massive achievement – finishing third place.  All of the girls got lots of game time in this competitive tournament with teams entering from Frodsham, Helsby, Elton and Ellesmere Port.  Great football was played and lots of goals were scored.  This team showed resilience, arriving late and with little warmup then hitting the ground running with a victory.  Everyone encouraged each other.  Special mentions to our team who applauded from the side-lines after each match.  Tough tackling, teamwork and an enjoyment of the game could clearly be seen. 

Multi Skills Year 1

What a fantastic event! Year 1 went all the way to the Leisure Centre to take part in this event as part of our sport cluster.  They all took part in a variety of events from the sack race to the beanbag balance.  It was great to be active! Special mentions to our 3 adult helpers who became team captains for the afternoon.

Frodsham Football Tournamnet Year 5 and 6

Congratulations to our year 5 and 6 footballers who excelled themselves in our annual tournament.  These players showed great team spirit and should be really proud of their bronze medal.  Everyone played well and looked very smart in their football kit.  It was a tough selection process for Mr Taylor but these players have made it even harder for him with their amazing display.  Everyone is pleased with their efforts.  Thank you to the parents who supported from the side lines.  Gareth Southgate had got lots of competition!


Frodsham Football Tournament Year 3/4

Well done to our year 3 and 4 footballers.  They finished in 3rd place and got a well-deserved bronze medal.  Mrs Harrogate said that they all played with smiles on their faces and showed great team spirit.  It was a tough competition but the players represented the school showing resilience courage and dedication.  We hope that they carry this form onto our next sporting event.

Tag Rugby Year 3 and 4

Great effort by the tag rugby development squad today.  Fantastic conditions for a rugby festival.   All who represented the school did themselves proud.   We finished in third place and the children came back to school with massive smiles.

Special mention to Mrs Kennedy for her help and support ensuring everyone enjoyed this event.

Dodgeball Leaders 

Well done to the children who recieved dodgeball leadership training.  We will be looking for these children to show off these skills across the school to help improve activity levels.  They had a great day and returned to school with massive smiles.

Introduction to Orienteering

Congratulations to those who took part in this event at Helsby HIgh School, they showed off their team work and map reading skills. They thoroughly explored the grounds and made new friends. 


Tag Rugby at Helsby RUFC

Great effort by our Year 5 and Year 6 team.  We finished 7th out of 12 teams but the majority of our team had never played a competitive tag rugby match.  We had fantastic comments on how smart the children all looked in their kit and how well they encouraged each other.  All of our players have been invited to continue with rugby at Helsby RUFC during a weekend.


Running Challenge

Class 3 and 4 split into house teams (boys and girls) to find out which team/ group can cover the most distance in a set time.  Each team marked their runners using the 100 track to measure distance.  By the end of this both classes together had covered 8km.  Not bad at all.

The children were so keen that they want to do it again!


Congratualtions those swimmers who have been awarded lifesaving badges

Tennis Taster

We have welcomed Katie, an international tennis coach, to our school.  The children in each class really enjoyed these tennis activities.  Everyone had a smile on their face.  Each group played some active games, competed against each other and developed hand eye coordination.  Those who took part have been invited to a tennis open day at Helsby Tennis Club.  

Personal Best Challenge

We have been setting our personal best times and amounts across a variety of things.  These include a 5 min run on our track, hitting a tennis ball with a racket, bouncing a tennis ball, passing a ball around your back and jumping a hurdle.

With lots of practice and perseverance we are hoping that each person can set a new personal best. 


District Sports 2018

Wow!!! What an event.  This has been our most successful year ever at this event.  It was one of the hottest days of the year but all of our athletes excelled.  Some children even raced against children in an older year group! Special mentions to the parents and spectators who created an amazing atmosphere.  Next year we will practice for tug of war!

We ran, skipped, sprinted and shuttled amongst other events.  Mr Taylor commented on the resilience shown by all who took part.  We are all very proud. See our sports bolg for more images of this event.

Sports Day 2018

What a great day for sport! We had children from FS1 all the way to Year 6 take part in this successful event.  We had sprinting, skipping and sack races.  Combine this with bean bag balances, hurdles and lots of cheering parents made this an amazing event to take part in.  Lots of children helped set up for events and took part.  Special mentions to the dinner team who helped out at the finish line, those who came early to set up and clear away the equipment and the Mayor of Frodsham, Lord Frank Pennington who came to open this event.

Judo Assembly

Thank you to Ann from Judo Education who came in to take about and show us a little bit about judo. We talked about respect, discipline and enjoyment. 

Year 3 and 4 FA coaching

We have been delighted with the FA coaching sessions class 3 and 4 have received in the summer term.  These have helped encourage teamwork whilst focusing on skill development enjoyment of sport.  This has proved so popular that we have set up an after school club led by our FA coach.

Year 2 Mini Kickers FInal

Congratulations to our year 2 footballers who made it to the football finals at Evertons FInch Farm.  

They finished 4th.  Amazing facilities, football and enjyment had by all.  The children got to travel like a professional to Finch Farm.

Year 3 and 4 Diamond Cricket

Congratulations on finishing in third place. Not bad for our first try!

Everton Mini Kickers Year 1


Well done to our 2 teams who took part in this mini kickers event.  Our B team came second and received a silver medal.  Our A team finished 5th .  All of our players were keen to do well and are developing their skills.  It was great to see the smiles on their faces.  Mr Broome was really pleased and commented on how well both teams represented our school at this event.  Definitely players of the future. 

Everton Mini Kickers Year 2

Wow, for two years on the run this team have won this tournament.  This means that they have been invited to the football finals at Everton’s training ground, Finch Farm.  Thank you to Mr Blythe and Mr Yeates who helped manage the team to victory.  Well done to Thomas our goalkeeper who made some amazing saves and never conceded a goal all though the tournament.  Football was played in good spirits with everyone shaking hands afterwards.    

Police Football 5 a side Tournament  (Runners Up)

Well done to the 5 a side team that took part in the Cheshire Schools Police Football tournament.  We won our group, played some amazing football and made it to the final.  Unfortunately, we lost on penalties in the final but all the pupils were a credit to themselves, our school and their families.  PCSO Neil commented on our teamwork and dedication.  Thank you to all the supports and those who came after booster to take part.  It was a great day.  We got to play football, meet the mayor and enjoy the sunshine. 

Volleyball Tournament 

Amazing development shown by our volleyball squad.  They have shown commitment, dedication and an enjoyment of sport.  They each did their personal best.  We finished 5th but not a bad effort considering our team had all year 5 players whilst others had year 6.  WE have lots of positives to build on for next years event.




Stanny Track Cross Country FINAL

Special mentions to Joe and Charlie who completed all of the Cross Country events.  Great effort boys.  You have taken part in these events in the freezing cold and the glorious sunshine!

We are all very proud of you.

Thank you to all of the other children who have taken part in these events across the year.

Delamere Cross Country 

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our cross country event in Delamere Forest. We took part with over 11 different schools from the local area.

We took over 100 children from KS2 and everyone had a great time. Although it was a little cold for the spectators, those children who ran did themselves and the school proud.

Special mentions to all of the parents and grandparents who offered their support, especially those who helped marshal parts of the course.

We took the most runners out of every school so well done everyone!

Those who finished in the top 10.

Year 3

Josh (2nd) Brandon (7th)

Poppy (4th) Macey (5th)

Year 4

Emilia (2th) Isabella (5th) Sarah (5th)

Lukas (2nd) Charlie (4th) Zac (4th) Harrison (9th) Thomas (10th)

Year 5

Isabelle (10th) Imogen (7th) Anna (8th)

Henry (5th ) Jack (7th)Lewis (8th) John (8th)

Year 6

Esme (6th)

Joshua (2nd) Michael (2nd) Luca (7th) Gabriel (10th)

Stanny Track Cross Country

Congratulations to Joe and Charlie who took part in this event on Saturday. Once again it was freezing cold!  Both runners kept warn and showed clear resilience in the conditions.  This shows that cross country running can take part in any conditions.  Thank you to the parents who came to this event and showed fantastic support.


Great effort from our two teams in this competition. Every single player got lots of game time and improved so much across the tournament. All of the players have been a credit to our school. It was great to see the competitive nature when both teams played each other.   Well played everyone. 

Change 4 Life Champions 

We now have two new C4L champions in our school.  The pupils will be a leading voice in how we can stay and remain healthy through activity.  Both pupils have come back brimming with confidence and want to tell the rest of the school what they have been up to.



Well done to the 6 children who got to represent the school at this event, some for the first time.  It was great to see their competitiveness and resilience shine through.  All of the games were played in good spirits and everyone shook hands afterwards.

Sports Hall Athletics

Well done to our year 5 pupils who took part in this athletics event today at Frodsham Leisure Centre it was great to see everyone taking part and enjoying sport.  This was an opportunity to try new events and build confidence.  Thank you to everyone who took part.  You are all a credit to our school.  More images can be seen in our sports blog (Link at the top of the page).


Hoops for Health Cheshire Phoenix Basketball Tournament 

Great effort from everyone who gave up their Sunday to take part in this event.  Some great basketball was played.  It was great to see everyone getting lots of game time.  We would have liked to score more points but we have the building blocks to a solid team.  We did not get to the final match but enjoyed watching the professional Cheshire Phoenix players against the Worcester Wolves.


Girls Football

Congratulations to the Girls who represented our school at the school games tournament.  We won our league scoring lots of goals.  We made it to the semi-finals but lost 2 – 0.  In a freezing cold event all the girls had smiles on their faces they even got to meet the mascot from Chester.  Special mentions to our Goalie, who hit the bar from a goal kick!

Everyone played well and did themselves proud.   


Hoops 4 Health

Thank you to the 3 professional basketball players from the Cheshire Phoenix that came to work with class 5 and 6.  They discussed the diet of an athlete, healthy eating and anti-smoking.  All the children also played some basketball games.

In the upcoming weeks the Phoenix coaches will come back into school and work with both classes and select a team for a future basketball tournament.

It was a great opportunity for the children to meet professional athletes.



All of class 3 attended this amazing event with our sports cluster.  Everyone received lots of stickers  and returned to school with massive smiles.  See our blog for more images

Football Year 5/6

Congratulations to those who represented our school in this event. We finished 3rd much better than 6th last year. Mrs Harrogate said some great football was played. We only conceded 3 goals in the entire tournament. Well done Jake and John. Special mention to Michael who was awarded player of the tournament.

Football Year 3/4

Great effort by our team who finished 5th. This was a team made of all year 3 pupils. They even got to meet two professional players from Liverpool ladies. See the blog for more information. Congratulations to Brandon who got an award for his sportsmanship.


Quicksticks Hockey

Great effort by our team who finished 4th in the competition.  This is so much better than last year (As we finished bottom).  Great effort by all who played. 

Meeting Beth Tweddle

Beth commented on the variety of sports we do at St Luke's 



Tag Rugby Tournament

Building on the successes from the skills and drills festival the St Luke’s team finished 3rd in this Tag Rugby tournament at Helsby RUFC.  This improved from last year’s 4th place.

The team enjoyed working together and scored some amazing tries.  Special mentions go to Luke who showed great footwork with his defensive displays.  Well done to all the boys and girls that took part.  Some of these have been offered the opportunity to join Winnington Park Girls team and Helsby RUFC.


Football V Norley

On a wet and windy day, the newly formed St Luke's Football team won! It was their first away fixture of the season. We had 3 Y5 boys making debuts against an experienced Norley team. 

Both teams played well with the score at half time 1-1

St Luke’s battled on and with new recruits Jack, Lewis and John all on the pitch the team progressed to victory.  Looking forward to our next fixture.

Special mentions go to those die hard supporters who came to watch and got soaked!


Tag Rugby Skills

Ten of our year 5/6 pupils took part in an RFU training session at Whitby Sports Club in Ellesmere Port.  This included Drills, Skills and lots of Game Time.

See our blog for more information



Volleyball Training


5000m Challenge

Daily Mile

Blue Peter Sports Badge

 Congratulations to Anna in who has received her Blue Peter sports badge. You can earn your Sport badge by inspiring a friend to take up a new sport.  Anna inspired her cousin to take up rugby. Anna already has 2 other Blue Peter badges and is looking forward to working towards others.



Tri Golf

Kwick Cricket

Skipping Workshops


The Med Ball Challenge

Great effort shown by all children in year 3 and 4 who took part in England Athletics, Med Ball Challenge. This has been designed so that throwing techniques can be practiced all year round. All of the children did a variety of throws with the distances being recorded. These included the PUSH, FLING, THROW, PITCH and HEAVE. We will be comparing these results with other schools in our locality.


Reception and Key Stage 1 Mini Athletics event at Helsby High School

Well done to all of our Key Stage 1 and Reception children who took part in a variety of events on Helsby’s running track.  These included a variety of 10 different events, such at the sack race, relay race and the obstacle course. Everyone took part, enjoyed themselves and worked as a team.

One highlight of the day was the children recognizing past pupils from our school who helped to demonstrate events.

Special mentions to the mums and dads, who accompanied the children on this event; this support helped make the day such a success.



Below are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of PE and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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