The ability to read fluently, with understanding and for pleasure is the most important academic gift we can give our children. Our aim is to encourage children to enjoy reading and become life-long readers. Aspects of reading we explore include quality texts, characters, setting, developing skills of inference, asking questions, predicting and studying new vocabulary. 

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Engaging pupils to read

We are always looking for opportunities to promote reading in our school.

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    Year 6


Pet Therapy

We encourage reluctant readers to become more engaged in their reading through Pet Therapy. This is an opportunity for children to read to Milo the dog, who visits us each week, in an informal way. The children read in a small group and anxiety about reading is greatly reduced as the children gain in confidence with their reading.

Reading to Milo is very popular and encourages our pupils to read.


Library Visits

Each term all classes at St Luke’s visit Frodsham Library. We encourage all our children to join the library and make use of this excellent resource to help them develop their reading further. Every summer we promote the libraries “Summer Reading Challenge” to encourage the children to enjoy reading and practice during the school holidays.

Vocabulary Tree

September 2019 saw the launch of our whole school vocabulary tree. We believe at St Luke’s “that words free your mind”. The children will draw on a rich and varied vocabulary to inform their thinking. By exploring the origins and meaning of words the children at St Luke’s will become confident readers and writers. They will be equipped to be articulate in forming their opinions and participating in discussions and debates.

Roald Dahl Day

On Roald Dahl day the children came to school with their Roald Dahl character masks they had made for our summer reading competition. The masks were imaginative and inventive. The children enjoyed a exploring a range of activities from writing letters to characters, poems and descriptive writing of the characters. A wonderful way to celebrate a popular British author.


Winners of the “Roald Dahl character masks”

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